Data Analysis & Visualizations

Business & Leadership

About the Program

Data analysis involves gathering, cleaning, organizing, modelling, and visualizing data with the goal of extracting helpful insights that can inform decision-making. Data and visual analytics is an emerging field concerned with analyzing, modeling, and visualizing complex high dimensional data. In today’s information age and extensive use of technology, data visualization has become an absolute must-have skill. In general, data visualization gives numbers a visual context and extends existing concepts such as business intelligence and analytics. Regardless of business or career a person has chosen; data visualization can assist by delivering data in the most efficient way possible. In this course you will study techniques for creating effective visualizations. The course is targeted both towards participants interested in using visualization in their own work, as well as who interested in building better visualization tools and systems.

Who Should Attend this Program

➢ Who is planning to make career shift to be data analyst, leading to greater opportunities like a higher salary and promotions. ➢ Sales staffs (regardless the industry) aiming to move with their reports to higher professional level. ➢ Everyone reports to senior levels (Decision Makers). ➢ Medical representatives of pharmaceutical companies. ➢ CEOs’ assistants (regardless the industry).

Course Content
  • Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables (Real examples)
  • Data Analysis with Power Pivot & DAX (Real examples)
  • Data analysis with Power query (Case Studies)
  • Power BI (from getting started to advanced techniques)
  • Power BI (Continued): Interactive dashboard (Real examples)
  • Power BI (Continued) & Final Project