Integrated Logistics Strategy


About the Program

he design and management of movement, storage and flow of goods, services and related information is critical to success of businesses across industries. Integrated Logistics Strategy covers critical topics designed to help you make improvements that can drive competitive advantage.

Who Should Attend this Program

Michigan State’s Integrated Logistics Strategy is essential for logistics professionals responsible for maintaining high standards of customer service and quality, while minimizing costs and streamlining their supply chain. Students should have a working knowledge of supply chain function integration, which is addressed in the Supply Chain Management I and II courses.

Course Content
  • Customer Relationship Management and Logistics Outsourcing
  • Inventory Management and the Financial Implications of Inventory
  • Logistics’ Role in 21st Century Supply Chains
  • Network Design – System Integration
  • Order Management and RFID Applications in Supply Chain Management
  • Transportation
  • Warehouse Management I
  • Warehouse Management II