Analytics for Competitive Advantage

Business & Leadership

About the Program

ocus on the issues that drive innovation and value with a broad range view of business analytics. With the amount of internal and external information available today, successful managers need the ability to filter out the noise and hone in on the challenges that matter. This starts with asking the right questions. Many managers’ view of the world going on around them is limited to historical operational related data. Those who understand big data and how to use it have the ability not only to look at past performance and why it happened, but also predict future performance and continuously refine strategies to optimize and stay ahead of the competition. In this eight-week 100% online course, you’ll explore why digitized business processes and data analytics are essential to the performance and competitive advantage of a modern corporation. You’ll refine your ability to ask the right questions to avoid wasted time and effort solving for the wrong issues. Discover different approaches for strategic data management and business analytics as you examine real-world cases of successes and failures with analytics-based business strategies.

Who Should Attend this Program

This course is designed for professionals who want to create value and a competitive advantage using analytics. With its exploration into analytical tools and strategies and the impact they can have on various business areas, the course helps professionals understand the analytics capabilities they need and ways to get buy-in for implementing those capabilities throughout the organization.

Course Content
  • Competing With Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Management & Analytical and Modeling Tools
  • Enterprise Risk, Supply Chain and HR Processes
  • Identifying & Defining Organizational Problems and Opportunities
  • Marketing/Sales Valuation Processes
  • Telling the Story of the Data – Communication and Visualization
  • Using Analytics to Create Value
  • Value Chain and Business Analytics