Halal Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Supply Chain

About the Program

Halal Supply Chain and Logistics principles and concepts don't only cover the physical segregation between Halal and Non-Certi­fied Halal products, but also covers other activities such as the documentation control and management, material and equipment handling process which conform to Halal Standards and Requirements. This programme was designed by the industry practitioners and professionals in mind and inputs knowledge that can be applied to the workplace.

Who Should Attend this Program

• Halal Logsitics practitioners • Halal Supply Chain practitioners • Business Owners • Consultants • Management Team

Course Content
  • Overview of Supply Chain
  • Logistics Management
  • Halal Logistics principles and Implementation
  • Halal Ecosystem
  • Governance in Halal Logistics
  • The importance of Halal Supply Chain Management System
  • Digitalization of Halal Logistic
  • Technology in Halal Supply Chain Ecosystem
  • End to end planning and optimization in the digital Halal Supply Chain
  • Transform in g Digit al Sup ply Chain Strategy