Blockchain for Everyone’s Business

Supply Chain

About the Program

Blockchain is an emerging technology that is a decentralized ledger of all transactions across peer to peer networks. This technology can revolutionize the future of banking, real estate, supply chain management (SCM), intellectual property rights (IPR), digital identity as well so many other sectors. In this course you will learn about the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). As controversial as they are the ability to issue digital assets directly on the Blockchain and distribute them among a global community is a real game changer. This new alternative provides the important benefits of establishing a broad community of users and network effects which creates additional value for startups. The financial sector has remained largely stagnant and far behind in terms of innovations. Blockchain Technology is the Internet of Money and the Internet of Value. It is a brilliant innovation that is creating decentralized financial infrastructure and secure value network without the need of trusted intermediaries. This has an enormous potential to completely reshape the financial sector and it would not stop there. Blockchain has many useful applications in many other areas too which is very exciting!

Who Should Attend this Program

Anyone interested to become a blockchain technology consultant, and/ or in learning about cryptocurrencies such as investors, managers, businessmen, analysts, consultants, teachers, students…etc.

Course Content
  • A Look into the future of Blockchain Technology
  • Bitcoin where it all started
  • Bitcoin’s five forces
  • Blockchain 2.0 Ethereum
  • Blockchain and the Consumer Goods Sector
  • Blockchain and the Financial Sector
  • Blockchain and the Global Tech Giants
  • Blockchain Implementations in Industry
  • Industrial application of Blockchain
  • Introduction
  • Potential Solution
  • The rationale behind cryptocurrencies
  • The Rise of New Industry