Blockchain for Developers

Supply Chain

About the Program

A Blockchain is a giant shared computer. Anyone can write anything on it (financial transactions or agreements between people) and nobody can modify or delete this information. We’ve never seen such a thing before, thousands of computers are connected together to maintain this distributed database. It allows us to exchange value in a very direct way, without asking the permission from anyone. There are several hundred existing Blockchains, of them, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most well-known ones. It’s still experimental stage but we know the impact on our life will be significant because we now have the tools that we need to build a more resilient monetary system and fairer governance models. A Blockchain is a distributed database that makes things safer, faster and cheaper. From a user standpoint, decentralization is much healthier because personal data and digital identities can be managed in a more transparent way. You can build insurance systems, sophisticated fundraisers, engaging communities (DAO), voting systems, prediction markets, verifiable gambling apps, and all sorts of digital assets.

Who Should Attend this Program

Professionals with some programming language experience and have completed Course 1, Blockchain for Everyone Intuition.

Course Content
  • Blockchain General Concepts
  • Create a Blockchain in Python
  • Create a Cryptocurrency in Python
  • Create a Hyper Ledger in Composer
  • Create a Smart Contract in Solidity