IOSCM Level 2 Supply Chain – Introduction to Business

Supply Chain

About the Program

This is the first unit of IOSCM Level 2 certification program in Supply Chain & Operations

Who Should Attend this Program

Course Content
  • ommunication in Business: Brand management; Customer relations; Consumer behaviour; Advertising; Corporate communication; Community engagement; Reputation management
  • Organisational Resources: Human Resources; Financial Resources; Materials Resources; Machinery Resources; Intangible Resources; Cost Accounting Direct Costs; Indirect Costs; Balance Sheets; Profit and Loss Accounts
  • Quality Management Systems: Quality planning; Quality control; Quality assurance; Quality improvement; ISO 14001; SMART
  • Range of Business: Types and Purpose of Business; Trader/Sole Proprietorship; Partnership; Corporation; Not for profit Company
  • The Customer: Customer Satisfaction; Customer Expectations; Benefits of Customer Satisfaction; Consequences of Poor Customer Satisfaction; Long Term Customer Relationships; Personal Effectiveness
  • Business Functions and Departments: Research and Development; Production; Service Delivery; Business Finance; Human Resource; Sales; Marketing; Public Relations; Information Tech Support; Quality Support; Logistics; Purchasing; Customer Service