Strategic Supply Management


About the Program

Examine advanced supply management theory and practices from both academic and real-world perspectives. Gain the skills to assess and create new opportunities, relationships and supply channels, while exploring the entire domain of supply and the ways supply management can deliver sustainable competitive advantage. In this course, you’ll investigate best practices for achieving long-term value in supply management through exemplar industry trends. Plus, you’ll discover ways to enhance buyer-supplier relationships, overcome supply management challenges and provide the strategic positioning and risk management your organization needs.

Who Should Attend this Program

The Strategic Supply Management course is designed for professionals who want to gain a greater understanding of the scope, costs, metrics and processes associated with supply management and leverage that knowledge to create sustainable competitive advantage. The course is open to individuals who want to excel in purchasing, sourcing and supply management roles. It is a required course for completing the Master Certificate in Advanced Procurement Management.

Course Content
  • Introduction to Strategic Supply Management
  • Relationships
  • Scope and Metrics
  • Process Map
  • Implementing and Measuring Supply Management Strategy
  • Robust Cost Knowledge
  • Risk and Sustainability