Supply Base Management


About the Program

The way you choose to source the various products and services needed to support your business’ operations can have a significant impact on business performance, affecting quality, speed, and your business’ ability to innovate. In other words, sourcing has a great deal to do with the success or failure of your broader business strategy. If you’re not actively evaluating your suppliers, monitoring costs and metrics, expanding your supplier network, and vetting potential new opportunities and sources, you’re not creating the kind of sustainable competitive advantage that benefits your organization and your career. Discover how to foster collaborative supplier relationships, develop the skills and knowledge base to optimize your supply base and effectively manage supply risks through this engaging Supply Base Management course, featuring: Advanced supply base management applications Newly enhanced course and video content Expanded live sessions Enhanced interaction in an online learning environment

Who Should Attend this Program

Supply Base Management is ideal for procurement and sourcing professionals looking for new and innovative ways to positively impact every aspect of the supply base. It is open to anyone who wants to improve supplier relationships, optimize supply base design, and add resiliency and speed to market as competitive advantages. It is a required course for completing the Master Certificate in Advanced Procurement Management.

Course Content
  • Supply Base Design and Management
  • Supplier Selection
  • Supply Base Optimization
  • Supplier Development and Relationship Management
  • Cost Management and Cost Modeling
  • Supply Risk Management