Cold Chain Management

Supply Chain

About the Program

The temperature controlled supply chains or cold chains are a significant proportion of the retail food market as well as pharmaceuticals and chemical goods. The market shares of fast foods, ready meals, frozen products and drugs have increased in recent years. There are several temperature levels to suit different types of products. Frozen, cold chilled, medium chilled, and exotic chilled are some of the frequently used nomenclatures with specified temperature ranges, depending on the products, whether it is meat, vaccine or carbon dioxide.

Who Should Attend this Program

This course is suited for all levels especially beginner and intermediate as they will understand the basic requirement in managing the cold chain integrity and the regulations involved therein. For those with advanced knowledge the courses will serve as an update and opportunity for comparison of best practices. This course is well suited for professionals involved in the manufacturing, processing, storage, supply and distribution of perishables, pharmaceuticals and other chemical product industries.

Course Content
  • Emergency Preparedness & Risk Management
  • Energy Management
  • Facility Design: Warehouse Point of View
  • Food Handling and Temperature Management
  • Innovations & Best Practices in Cold Storage Technology
  • Introduction to Cold Chain Operations
  • Principles of Refrigeration and Ammonia Safety
  • Sanitation Standard Operation Procedures (SSOPs) – HACCP
  • Temperature Monitoring and Documentation
  • Transportation and Logistics