Road Transportation Safety Program

Health & Safety

About the Program

Road freight industry (with the contractors) drive around 1.1 billion kilometers each year to deliver products to the customers or keep the operations running in the KSA. That’s equivalent to driving about 75 times around the world each day. Getting road freight safety right is a priority – and a serious challenge. We help keep our drivers and supervisors safe through training programmes, by limiting their journeys, and by enforcing our global road safety standards. We work with communities and global partners to improve road transport safety in the countries where we operate.

Who Should Attend this Program

All those responsible on safety on road transportation businesses.

Course Content
  • Driver attitude and behavior (practical activities - understanding the relationship between reaction time, speed and stopping distances)
  • Hazard detection - the technique and skill of reading ahead and identifying hazards
  • Road infrastructure and the environment; rough road and weather
  • The principles of road transport and defensive driving - how to minimize risks and improve safety margin
  • The value of the people, cargo and the environment
  • TMS (Transport Management Systems) for a better visibility, command and control
  • Understanding the limitations of relying on emergency control skills
  • Vehicle dynamics - understanding what causes skids and vehicle instability
  • Vehicle safety and firefighting - checklist, driving position, tires and pressures