Supplier Relationship Management


Supply Chain

About the Program

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is a critical factor in today’s integrated supply chains. The emergence of global sourcing and supplier consolidation as essential elements of supply management makes the systematic management of supplier relationships imperative. Successful buyer-supplier partnerships require deep understanding, joint value creation and problem-solving. It is about developing new ways of value creation whilst maintaining a professional commercial relationship.

Who Should Attend this Program

SRM course is designed to help practitioners develop the capability and toolset for all aspects of SRM, from an overall governance approach through segmentation, management, measurement, improvement and supplier relationship development. Based around the SRM processes, SRM training is perfect for any practitioner who is involved in managing or interfacing with a supplier, where there is a need to drive increased value from the supply chain or where the relationship and area of supply is so critical that robust risk mitigation approaches are required. Our SRM training builds upon pre-existing training such as Category Management or Strategic Purchasing but can also be delivered to practitioners with no prior experience in this area. The SRM needs of each organization are often different depending on the infrastructure and approach already adopted, and the structure of the supply chain.

Course Content
  • Adopt a Systematic, Rigorous, Supplier-selection Process
  • Analyze and Mitigate Risks
  • Assure Supplier Quality
  • Deploy Effective Supplier Metrics and Monitoring Systems
  • Develop and Deploy an Integrated Sourcing Strategy
  • Engage in Supplier Development Activities
  • Focus on Total Cost of Ownership, not Price
  • How to Procure
  • Implement Category Management Techniques
  • Interactive Workshop using Practical, Applicable Case Studies
  • The Need for SRM
  • Today’s Supply Chains
  • Utilize Technology Efficiently and Effectively