Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

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Course Date 13-06-2024
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Language English
About the Program

The APICS (CSCP V 5.1 2022) brings the entire value chain of a company into perspective, extending beyond internal operations for an end-to-end view that enables the candidate to effectively manage the integration and coordination of activities in a way that maximizes the company’s value chain. The CSCP course transmits the knowledge to become a logistics expert in any industry, from manufacturing to service, for both business and consumer markets. Morgan International proudly hosts the CSCP program offered by APICS (Association for Operations Management).

Who Should Attend this Program

While the CSCP certificate is beneficial for every professional working in supply chain management, it is especially ideal for individuals who want to gain top-notch insight into the complete supply chain, to increase team-work and collective efficiency and streamline coordination, increase productivity, and focus effectively on lead time and end results.

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