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Course Date 03-05-2023
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About the Program

Warehousing is accepted today as a critical component of logistics and supply chain operations. Warehouses have transformed from a mere storage place for goods to become complex operations that continue to add value to supply chain and give competitive advantages to organisations. This unit is designed in such a way so as to provide students with the knowledge and understanding of warehousing, and to thereby deliver the skills required by an aspiring Warehouse Manager to operate effectively. The unit covers all of the key areas of warehousing operations and the key activities involved in each area.

Who Should Attend this Program

The course is designed to support professionals moving into, or who are already within supervisory or team leader roles in warehousing business but require training and development.

  • Know the components of contractual agreements
  • Know the types of organisations and how they operate
  • Understand pricing methods used for the purchasing of goods or services
  • Understand sources of information on suppliers and customers
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