Certified HealthCare Supply Chain Analyst (CHSCA)

4.9 (139 review)
Course Date 30-06-2024
Course Duration 5 Days - Online - Evening Time
Language English
About the Program

Healthcare Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a unique set of principles and procedures in order to deliver products and services to the right place at the right time at the right price in order to achieve outstanding patient care. This program is designed to provide participants the ability to demonstrate mastery related to topics specifically to the healthcare supply chain. While it covers many of the traditional supply chain topics: purchasing, transportation and sourcing, it also covers healthcare-specific topics such as GS1, healthcare innovation, supply chain risk management and proper demand planning.

Who Should Attend this Program

Entry level employees having recently or who are planning to join the ranks of healthcare supply chain. Healthcare suppliers who wish to better understand the healthcare market and healthcare supply chain. Organizations who wish to learn more about the unique nuances of healthcare supply chain. Employees who may interact and work with professionals in healthcare supply chain, such as IT partners, physicians, nurses and administration. Students with an interest in supply chain and carving out a niche in healthcare supply chain.

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