Middle East Logistics High Institute

National Programs

It is a 2 Year Logistics Management Diploma with full accreditation by TVTC with high flexibility in customizing the second year modules based on business requirements. Program has 5 semesters including the ob-job training semester . For full details please contact us on marketing@meli,

International Programs

All are delivered through our international partners, where we focused and selected our partners in the way to cover the full supply chain cycle even focus to have some other partners those specialized in some specific activities under the supply chain such as freight transport and warehousing

Funded Programs

Thanks Human Resource Fund to approve funding 4 of our international certification programs with full fund. below you will have the list of these programs

Online Programs

It becomes a facet that online training a major delivery approach right now specially after March 2020 once COVID - 19 started all over the world, and here we have a long list of such fantastic programs

Short Courses

A list of short courses some are national with MELI certificate and some are internationals with full assessment and accreditation, all covering most of supply chain activities and developed based on last 10 years experience of our teams in the industry

Customize Your Course

We will check your operational module, level of understanding of your team, the system you are implementing, your future plans, your team capabilities and career path , then link them together and come up with one customized course fit 100% to your exact operation and plans requirements

Virtual Reality (VR)

Simply, it is the new face of quality Ask about our available solutions , we are ready to arrange the DEMO at your location, just share your interests.

Our Partners