Global Professional Certificate in Data Analytics

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  • Course Date01.12.2023
  • Course Duration24 Weeks
  • LanguageEnglish
About the Program

From predictive analytics and machine learning, AI to the internet of things, new sources and applications of data information flow throughout your organization every minute of every day. In this new age of big data, strategic business analytics has the capabilities to transform how you do business—but you have to effectively leverage that data! Harness the power of big data when you learn to capture it, structure it, interpret it and apply it with a Master Certificate in Business Analytics from Michigan State University.

Who Should Attend this Program

Business managers looking to better leverage their analytics for data-driven decision making and informed strategic planning. Business consultants and decision makers needing to provide recommendations based on data analysis and visualization.

Certification Modules

  • Competing With Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Management & Analytical and Modeling Tools
  • Enterprise Risk, Supply Chain and HR Processes
  • Identifying & Defining Organizational Problems and Opportunities
  • Marketing/Sales Valuation Processes
  • Telling the Story of the Data – Communication and Visualization
  • Using Analytics to Create Value
  • Value Chain and Business Analytics

  • Black Box vs. White Box Approach and the Implications
  • Classification Black Box Methods
  • Clustering and Understanding the Relation of Things
  • Enterprise Database and Data Models
  • Extracting Data from a Database
  • Getting Data from Social Networks and Geolocalization
  • Large-Scale Implementation of Hadoop and MapReduce
  • The Data Analysis Landscape and an Overview of Machine Learning

  • Analyzing Text, Networks, Location and Imagery Data
  • Data Distribution
  • Data Mining and Inferential Statistics
  • Decision Trees, Machine Learning and Optimization
  • Describing the Data
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Statistical Inference
  • Statistics – Data Driven Science