ID - Blockchain Operations

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  • Course Date26.06.2024
  • Course Duration2 Weeks (3 sessions / week)
  • LanguageEnglish

ID - Blockchain Operations

About the Program

Blockchain, a disruptive technology which is currently deployed in various domains to optimize multiple processes is attracting the attention of stakeholders in many industries, including the logistics and supply chain. Blockchain technology effectively contributes in managing every single asset throughout its flow on the supply chain, contribute in tracking orders, receipts, and payments, while tracking digital assets such as warranties and licenses in a unified and transparent platform. The specific elements of blockchain affect supply chain management in scalability, performance, consensus mechanism, privacy considerations, location proof and cost, and details on the impact that blockchains will have in disrupting the supply chain industry. While the technological features of modern blockchains can effectively facilitate supply chain uses cases, the various challenges that remain, bring in front of us a wide set of needed changes and further research efforts for achieving a global, production level blockchain for the supply chain industry.

Who Should Attend this Program

Blockchain technology in supply chain management course is specially designed for professionals who want to learn about the practical viewpoint of blockchain in the supply chain. More so, the course also dives deeper into how the enterprise supply chain is getting affected by the technology used thru blockchain.

Course Content
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Blockchain use cases for Supply Chain
  • Integration of Blockchain into Supply Chain Management
  • Rewiring the Supply Chain