Collaboration among Sustainability, Procurement and Supply Chain

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Collaboration among Sustainability, Procurement and Supply Chain

About the Program

Sustainable procurement is the practice of making buying decisions that meet an organization's needs for goods and services in a way that is good for both the organization and society as a whole, minimizing its impact on the environment and the stakeholders involved in the organization's sustainability program. Sustainable procurement’s role in a sustainable corporation is expanding beyond cost savings to a program that provides optimization to drive strategy, innovation, collaboration, and organizational sustainability in an effort to increase overall business value.

Who Should Attend this Program

• Individuals who are active in corporate sustainability, procurement, and supply chain process improvement projects. • Organizations that seek competitiveness by fostering collaboration among all company sustainability projects. • Professionals engaged in corporate sustainability programs working with the suppliers. • Procurement professionals who want to learn more about incorporating sustainable practices into their day-to-day work. • Operations, production, and manufacturing professionals seeking organizational sustainability skills. • Learn how collaboration is being used to promote organizational sustainability in all areas of business.

Course Content
  • Changes in organizational sustainability
  • Integrate and collaborate
  • Self-Declaration of integrated program
  • Self-Determination for operational success
  • Suppliers accountable for sustainability
  • Understanding sustainable procurement