International Certificate in Inventory Forecasting and Planning

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  • Course Date01.04.2023
  • Course Duration.
  • LanguageEnglish
About the Program

It is an intermediate level (L3) certificate for those having the basics of supply chain and data management information which covering different activities under Supply Chain Management Business mainly Inventory Forecasting and Planning activities, linked with data management related issues. This programme which focuses on inventory forecasting and planning will help practitioners determining the amount of inventory needed to satisfy future customer demand based on the sales forecast over a certain period. It will also provide comprehensive solutions to manage purchases better, increase revenue, and reduce unnecessary costs.

Who Should Attend this Program

The main goals of this program are providing necessary knowledge on advanced concepts of inventory planning processes and essential practical skills on implementing numerical forecasting techniques. This programme is for Demand Planning Professionals, Sales Professionals, Account Managers, Marketing Executives, Planning Professionals, Budget Executives, Logistics Professionals, Supply Chain Planners, Product Managers and Customer Relations Professionals.

Certification Modules

  • Fundamentals of a Supply Chain
  • The Supply Chain Environment
  • Operation of a Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Performance

  • Common Inventory Management Challenges
  • Where to Start? Key Inventory Metrics
  • Forecasting Techniques and Methods
  • Creating an Inventory Forecast
  • How Inventory Management Software can Help

  • Transforming Supply Chain Management and Performance Analysis
  • Creating Business Value with Statistical Analysis
  • Machine Learning (ML) Applications for Supply Chain Planning
  • Supply Chain Optimization and Prescriptive Analytics

  • Introduction to Inventory Management
  • Inventory Control Systems: Design Factors
  • Deterministic Inventory Models
  • Multi-Echelon Systems: Structures and Ordering Policies
  • Lot-sizing Heuristics
  • Stochastic Inventory Models
  • Multi-item Inventory Models Subject to Constraints
  • Selective Inventory Control Models