Data Mining and Management Strategies

Business & Leadership

About the Program

This course covers a wide variety of topics that are included in a business analytics framework. Throughout the eight-week course, we look at topics, such as: enterprise database and data models; extracting data from a database; large scale implementation of Hadoop MR; social networks and geolocalization; unstructured data, graphs, and networks; clustering (understanding the relation of things); and classification (putting things where they belong). We also review advanced methods of classification with regards to data mining and management strategies.

Who Should Attend this Program

Business managers looking to better leverage their analytics for data-driven decision making and informed strategic planning. Business consultants and decision makers needing to provide recommendations based on data analysis and visualization.

Course Content
  • Black Box vs. White Box Approach and the Implications
  • Classification Black Box Methods
  • Clustering and Understanding the Relation of Things
  • Enterprise Database and Data Models
  • Extracting Data from a Database
  • Getting Data from Social Networks and Geolocalization
  • Large-Scale Implementation of Hadoop and MapReduce
  • The Data Analysis Landscape and an Overview of Machine Learning