Category Management

Supply Chain

About the Program

Effective organizations and their trade partners gain competitive advantage by relentlessly focusing the total value they provide to customers and end-users. Best practitioners know that highly effective and capable collaboration – at the interface – is how to best enable this goal. The Category Management process is a proven enabler of effective collaborative planning and value creation. Best practitioners have well-honed Category Management competencies. Companies seek credible industry benchmarks to drive their supplier performance and identify gaps to train upon.

Who Should Attend this Program

Course Content
  • A Process Overview
  • Building Sustainable Collaborative Relationships
  • Category Management Origin, Definition and Core Principles
  • Category Management Process
  • Current Status and Issues with Category Management
  • Delivering Actionable Results and Improved Performance
  • Developing Options and Deciding on Your Strategy
  • Developing Well-focused Category Strategies and Tactics to Satisfy Target Consumers and Gain Competitive Advantage
  • Going to Market
  • How Category Management Adds Value
  • Interactive Workshop using Practical, Applicable Case Studies
  • Making Category Management a Day to Day Activity
  • Making Consumer Research and Data Analysis more Cost Effective
  • Managing Suppliers
  • Simplifying the Way Forward for Category Management
  • Skills Needed of a Category Manager
  • The Benefits of Adopting Category Management Principles