Retail Logistics


About the Program

Due to its significance, the course will primarily concentrate on retail stores but we will also study web and catalog based businesses. Although the delivery encompasses all activities of the retail companies that have direct dealings with the consumer including, but not limited to, buying, storing, merchandising, selling, store sitting, expansion strategies and marketing. Since the course considers all aspects of the management of retail companies, it should also be viewed as a general management course to develop participants' understanding of retail strategy, retail operations management, innovation in retail, and the key issues impacting growth in retail firms (including exposure to issues facing retailers in international settings).

Who Should Attend this Program

Suppliers, Manufacturers, Warehouse Employees, Retailers, Business Managers, Logistics Service Providers, Role Players in Regional and Global Retail Business

Course Content
  • Automotive Logistics
  • Concepts in Retail Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Emerging Issues in Retail Logistics
  • Fashion Logistics
  • Food Logistics
  • Retail and Globalization of Markets