Shipping Documentation

Freight & Transport


About the Program

This course provides a basic overview of the export and import process on shipping with the documentation. Initiating a shipment – covers terms of sale, making the booking and all the associated documentation issued at the load port. Also, the participants are provided a review of the “key terms” used throughout the shipping process and in the shipping industry, covering the role and the specifics of the truck, rail and barge in the transportation process. It also wraps how to determine which type of transportation to use in different scenarios. The trainee is presented with key industry terms and their meanings relating specifically to the intermodal transportation process. The next area of the section presents how trucking, sea, rail and air cargo rates are computed. This section concludes with a group exercise on determining modes of transportation for different scenarios given to the class.

Who Should Attend this Program

Foreign Trade Operators, LLPs, Exporters, Importers, Bankers and Insurers, Freight Forwarders and Carrier Agents, Custom Brokers, Liner Cargo Operators, Logistics Professionals, Procurement and Contracting Officers and those who are related to international business in practice

Course Content
  • Applicable Law
  • Documentation
  • INCOTERMS® 2020
  • Intermodal Operations
  • International Trade, Payment Methods and Tools