Management Essentials

Business & Leadership

About the Program

Moving into a supervisory management role for the first time can be exhilarating, gratifying and intimidating all at once. You are now responsible for translating the vision, mission, and objectives of your organization into meaningful activities with your first-level or departmental employees. Where do you start? Start with the basics to build up the essential skills and knowledge you need as a supervisory manager. Management Essentials covers a wide range of fundamental concepts crucial for new managers who are faced with supervising direct reports for the first time. With four primary focus areas, the course will provide you with a toolkit of how to direct and manage, best practices for managing diversity in the workplace, the importance of decision making and communication and the key principles of people management.

Who Should Attend this Program

The course in Management Essentials is designed for emerging leaders or those new to management who are: Junior to mid-level managers Recently promoted to a supervisory role Aspiring supervisors or those preparing to take on a supervisory role for the first time In a position responsible for translating the vision, mission, and objectives of an organization to first-level or departmental employees

Course Content
  • Effective Decision Making and Communication
  • How to Lead and Manage
  • Managing Diversity in the Workplace
  • People Management Basics